Position title: production manager
location: Southern Arizona
position id: 5938


Job Description:

The primary focus of the position will be to lead the production operation towards advanced standards of safety, quality,
production, efficiency, and optimal individual contribution. These departments may include mounting, ink, printing,
lamination, slitting, perforating, and pouch. Process analysis and improvement will be a major responsibility. This will
include the evaluation of current processes and procedures. This position is responsible for recommending,
implementing, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of policies and procedures. Training, policy enforcement,
R&D, supplier management, employee management, waste reduction, efficiency production are key areas that require
improvement and would fall under the responsibility of this position.

Technical Skills: The following technical skills, expertise and familiarity will be required for this position. Having worked
with or on the following:

Wide web gearless flexo-printing presses (Preferably Uteco)
Reverse solvent inks and surface inks.
Reverse and surface water inks.
Has experience with small to medium sizes runs. Fast change over setups.
Understanding of OPV coatings to control COF, static, gloss, matt, soft touch.
X-Rite spectrodensitomers. Measuring and recording densities and dot gains, reviewing color standards.
Line print and process print (150 LPI) – expanded gamut printing preferable.
Printing substrates: BOPP, nylon, PET, PET , Coated films, Paper, stick packs and cosmetic webs
Understanding of anilox rollers and various sticky backs
Familiar with different types of photopolymer plates and sleeves. Including Kodak and Dupont plate material
Familiar with pre-press and artwork.
Understanding of unwinds, registration, die lines, web widths, cutoffs and print position.
Mechanical aptitude to diagnosis, troubleshoot and fix and/or direct maintenance or operators to do so.
Understanding of doctor blades, end seals, blade pressures.
Troubleshooting of various press and print related issues. Including but not limited to ghosting, tracking, bleeding, run out, washout, mottling, blocking, baggy film, loose film, telescoping, low treatment, etc.
Lamination – including both solvent-free and water-based.
Understanding of coating weights, clarity, bonds, and troubleshooting lamination issues.
Slitting as it relates to good slitting practices including, good roll conformity, tensions and more.
Slitting types including sheer slitting and razor blade.
Familiar or proficient with laser perforation and laser scoring with on different substrates and laminations.
Particular focus in the produce industry.
Familiar or proficient with pouch converting. Ideally with 3 side seal, button gusset, zipper, various hang holes and double cuts. Focus is on Totani CT60.
Understands and has worked with production schedules, work orders, change orders, new job preparation.
Planning and preparation of upcoming jobs including making certain mounting sleeves, ink, materials are staged and ready.
Can and has checked work orders, schedules and various reporting for accuracy.
Input and analyze reports including efficiencies, waste and labor.
Has mechanical aptitude to assist in diagnosis, repair, fix, or guide problematic equipment.
Has worked in a fast pace, smaller environment


Job Responsibilities: Ensures a safe and productive work environment

1. Planning – All day, everyday to achieve the highest levels of production and quality.
2. Faithfully executes the business plan, achieving or exceeding planned objectives
3. Leads, manages and holds the leadership team accountable for achieving agreed-upon commitments.
4. Integrates all major operating functions of the business. Ensures everyone is rowing together in the same direction.
Models the way, always working towards the greater good of the business.
5. Resolves issues effectively- seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems and
solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and
6. Ensures that everyone is truly following and adhering to the company’s core processes and operating system with
consistency. Demonstrates effective project management skills
7. Dependably demonstrates a relentless obsession with values alignment, focus, simplicity and clarity.
8. Effectively collaborates with owners and stays on the same page. Maintains a high level of respect with the owners.
Understands the vision and has the ability to filter and translate those ideas into functional plans for the company.
9. Confirms that all key messages are properly and consistently cascaded across the organization. Inherently ensures
that everyone is in the know. Verifies that high level of effective communication exists throughout the organization.
10. Hire, train and retain top talent at all levels within the department(s).
11. Work with key vendors and sometimes customers and maintain healthy relationships.
12. Try new technologies, product offers and innovative trade developments. Negotiate contracts and supply
agreements with trade vendors.
13. Can EFFECTIVELY Delegate and knows when to delegate and when not to.
14. Resourceful problem solver that has the ability, stamina and work ethic to solve problems. This person does not
need their “hand held” and understand the differences between that and taking direction.
15. Following up on important projects and does not require constant attention or reminders to get things done.
16. Maintains all equipment and ensures proper preventative maintenance has been completed and to standard.
17. Maintains high levels of efficiency in all departments, reduce downtime and waste


Expectation and Results expected from this position
Team unity
Well managed projects
Tiebreakers that keep things moving
No obstacles or barriers
Steady force/cadence/consistency
“Glue” holding things together
Consistent beating of the drum                                                                                                                                                                         P&L result achieved
Business Plan Execution
The leadership time harmoniously integrated
Leadership, management and accountability for the leadership team
The company operating system, policies and procedures being followed by all
All arrows pointed in the same direction
Day-to-day task run smoothly.


Personal Traits and competencies

Personally accountable
Adept in self-management
Good and planning and organizing
Strong leader and manager
Effective conflict manager
Catalyst for team cohesion
Goal achiever
Conceptual thinker
Employee developer/coach
Able to understand and evaluate others
Forward thinking
Continuous leader
Has integrity
Has a whatever it takes to get it done attitude
Works with a sense of urgency
Good listener

As the Production Manager this persons role can and will be:

The “answer” for functional leaders
Act as filter
Provide direction
Keep the team focused on reaching our goals/completing monthly, quarterly and annual goals
Move the team to action/get things done
Help solve client and people issues
Retain and grow great talent
Keep everyone on the same page
Convert vision to strategy to tactical plans
Collaborate with owners/upper management on their vision and direction for the company
Help determine when we need to stay focused and when we need to begin new initiatives
Hold the leadership team accountable to the vision, goals and targets
Coach of the team
Make sure the organization has the proper structure, with the right people in the right seats
Sometimes act as the “man in the middle”
Manage the day-to-day and integrate the major functions
Make the company profitable
Get things unstuck and over the finish line
Improve and maximize how the key functions work together
Help everyone understand how they fit into the whole
Remove obstacles and barriers
Create harmony among the leaders/keep the peace
Drive the tempo


For more details, watch the following video:


Keys to success in this position

To be successful you must be fully committed to the company, the role, and to the responsibilities of the job. You must want
to do the job and work towards the success, efficiencies and quality the position requires. You must be willing to what it takes
for as long as it takes to see the job through and complete projects. In addition, be willing to take personal responsibility
towards your own efforts. You must be a good listener, take constructive criticism well, able to adapt and take initiative to get
things done. You must be a strong and willing leader that holds yourself accountable and those around you accountable to do
the job to the best of their ability. You cannot fall prey to excuses and let obstacles that come in the way, become the way.
This position requires diligence and strategic delegation. Continual persistence and tenacity to see tackle challenges and see
through to the solution. You must be detail oriented and a self-starter. One of the most important keys to success aside from
full commitment is your ability to plan. Planning and more planning will be one of the fundamental ingredients to foresee and
prevent possible issues. This will ultimately lead to a harmonious operation with satisfaction felt among yourself and the


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