postition title: purchasing manager
location: central, pa
position id: 5952


Job Summary:


Purchasing/Materials Manager is in charge of supervising the process of sourcing and purchasing essential materials for the business’s operations. Their duties include researching raw materials suppliers and comparing costs, negotiating purchasing agreements and developing inventory controls to identify demand for new materials in partnership with Innovation.  In addition too, analyze and negotiate pricing, terms, contracts, agreements, and purchase order content and commits for the company to purchase raw materials, capital items, professional services, maintenance, repair, operating (MRO) item/services, and indirect supplies.  Utilizes Material Resource Planning (MRP) information to determine order quantities and generate accurate supply plans for all raw materials, to ensure 100% on-time delivery to our customers while minimizing on-hand inventory levels.  Identifies and uses the proper suppliers that will consistently and reliably provide the best value for appropriate designs, specifications, and quality while providing deliveries when needed and at the appropriately negotiated prices. This position offers a base salary starting at $120k.



Essential Functions:


  • Execute placing and changing purchase orders and contracts for raw materials, capital equipment, services, MRO items, and indirect materials for Operations and manufacturing and other support groups
  • Enter and maintain all purchasing data in ERP system relating to supplier information, pricing, lead-times, MOQ’s, shelf life, etc.
  • Material planning analyses using current orders, sales forecasts, production schedules, lead-times and inventory levels to determine proper order quantities for all required raw materials
  • Negotiate pricing reductions, quality enhancements, working capital improvements, and cost avoidances by working with existing suppliers or locating new sources
  • Assist Innovation with necessary information and material samples to support product development programs
  • Ensure that newly approved products utilize materials from fully approved suppliers with commercially viable supply chains
  • Evaluate performance, quality, and financial status of new suppliers to approve/certify them as sources
  • Establish and maintain proper documentation to confirm approved supplier status, according to current procedures
  • Research supplier sources, information, and technical assistance
  • Assure that General Liability, Automobile, and Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability insurance certificates for suppliers are on file at the company, when necessary. Determine that these certificates fully meet the company requirements or have supplier sign Hold Harmless document and file accordingly


Additional Responsiblities:


  • Complete and distribute quarterly supplier scorecards for selected suppliers and file in SharePoint folder, in accordance with current procedures
  • Conduct half-year business reviews with key suppliers to review past performance and to identify improvement opportunities
  • Facilitate a prompt and effective resolution of defective material issues through the Supplier Corrective Action Response (SCAR) process, in coordination with the SQE team
  • Initiate and/or support change control procedures for all supplier changes
  • Follow appropriate contracting method to be used for the purchase of materials and services
  • Expedite overdue delivery of purchased materials and services, when required
  • Assure receipt of expected credits or replacements due from suppliers, resulting from shipment/receipt discrepancies, invoicing issues, or defective material
  • Capably represent the company in business negotiations and transactions with external suppliers, where he/she will be the face of the company and the liaison between the supplier and fellow company associates in Operations, Quality, Innovations and Sales
  • Continually offer suggestions to improve the purchasing function
  • Support achievement of the strategies and initiatives of Purchasing’s Functional Plan and the company’s corporate goals and objectives
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities, as required or as assigned


Job Specifications:


  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in purchasing, business, supply chain management or related field is required
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in Sourcing of both raw materials and MRO items in an ERP-driven manufacturing company
  • Strong verbal and written communications that are commensurate with level of experience
  • Demonstrated performance in negotiations with suppliers, and building and growing strong supplier relationships
  • Ability to recap and present Negotiation analysis
  • Proficiency with standard desktop computing systems and software, along with previous experience with ERP system (preferably Oracle) for purchasing, planning, and scheduling in a manufacturing environment
  • Microsoft suite and Excel capabilities
  • Working knowledge of purchasing contract law
  • Results-oriented mindset with demonstrated track record of delivering benefit to Purchasing and the overall business
  • Have a basic understanding of manufacturing operations/systems and related processes
  • Interpersonal skills when dealing with fellow associates or with external suppliers
  • Ability to work well independently or with others in team environments
  • Possess a strong decision-making process that will be used to evaluate various options, recognize similarities/differences, quickly determine benefits and risks, and take definitive action
  • Knowledgeable in evaluating performance, quality, and financial status of new and existing suppliers, in order to approve, certify, evaluate, develop, or improve them, as required
  • Sufficiently dynamic to initiate activities that implement some of his/her own ideas and able to enlist other’s support to task completion


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