Why Choose CES?

- Over 35 years of Executive Recruiting Experience

- We have specialized knowledge and experience in Adhesives, Packaging, Plastics, Pressure Sensitive, and Converting Markets.

- We know your competitors

- Because we specialize, we know where to source the best and most qualified candidates for your job openings

-We know the candidates who are interested in opportunities. They come to us when they are searching for a job, and we’ve worked with them throughout their careers.

- Strong reputation built on Trust, Honesty, Integrity, and Virtue

- We match up your company values with the ideal candidates to make sure they fit your company culture.

- Our office has, a combined, over 80 years of Executive Recruiting Experience

The 7 Deadly Sins Employers Commit

  1. They don’t find a recruiter that specializes in their industry
  2. They sign a recruiter on the cheapest fee percentage instead of someone with experience in their markets
  3. They don’t spend enough time discussing the job opening, responsibilities, function or company culture requirements
  4. They don’t work with an Executive Recruiter who knows their direct competitors
  5. They don’t allow the Executive Recruiter to work with the direct Hiring Managers to make sure both parties are on the same page
  6. They choose an Executive Recruiter without finding out if that recruiter has a good reputation, who is honest, has integrity, virtuous, and has aligned values.
  7. They don’t follow up with the Executive Recruiter after the qualified candidates are submitted or interviewed to update the search

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