Our Fee Agreements

Below are two examples of our executive recruitrer fees. Please contact us directly in confidence to discuss specific options and search programs available to fit your companies needs.

Retained Search

The retained search is based on a fee of 30% of the candidates first years compensation including salary and any guaranteed income.  This program requires a 33% deposit of the total estimated fee due prior to commencement of the search.  With the remainder of the fee due upon successful completion of the search.  Below are just a few of the benefits to retaining our services.

  • The ability to recruit referrals or candidates that are “targets” of client employer, confidentially without risk or exposing client companies efforts.
  • Ability to have constant communication via email and telephone on continuous updates on new and existing candidates being recruited as well as status of new companies being targeted.
  • With a retained search it guarantees a team of recruiters focus on your opening and it becomes a top priority search.
  • We customize a retained search to fit our client companies specific requirements.
  • Senior Level retainer options are available for searches that have an estimated compensation range of $200,000 and greater.  These searches qualify for additional services and documentation of each step of the search.

Contingency Search

Our contingency search is based on a fee of 30% of the candidates first years compensation and any guaranteed income.  A contingency fee is only paid upon successful completion of an individual assignment.  All invoices are due upon the start date of the candidate.

  • Develop a search strategy that identifies all competitive and related source companies, with the best chance of procuring candidates, to recruit for the client company.
  • Access to countless organization records and data to supply experience candidates instantaneously.
  • Dedicated staff with over 60 years combined experience in recruitment for the printing, packaging, and converting industries.


On both contingency and retained searches we guarantee our candidates for thirty days from their start date.  If the candidate is to leave for any reason within the first thirty days Central Executive Search will replace the candidate.

Our Candidates

Central Executive Search’s terms state that if within a 1 year period from the presentation of the candidate or the final interview (which ever comes last) our candidate is contacted, interviewed, and ultimately hired by that company or any of its subsidiaries, then Central Executive Search is entitled the entire fee.

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