In this video, Angelo presents several excellent candidates with extensive experience in Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Tapes, and Converter markets. “No names please” – these are confidential candidates because they’re currently employed in these markets and discretely looking for opportunities. They’re also industry experts, so many people know them & think highly of their experience. They’re well respected.



These candidates all bring over 10 years of pressure sensitive adhesive related experience in their fields: Sales & Sales Management & Key Account Management R&D Engineering Operations / Plant Management Marketing Management Some of them focus on Electronics OEM markets, some focus on Medical Device OEM markets, some focus on Construction / Building Materials, and some focus on Specialty Automotive markets.


Regardless of their market focus, the reason I’m presenting them is because they are contacting me confidentially to ask me to help them find opportunities at a high level with a strong & growing organizations in the Tapes, Converting, or related Adhesives fields.


They bring massive value to a company in the industry with the industry and customer connections, product expertise & knowledge, and business acumen. These are typically the best of the best in the market.


If your company has a need for one of these individuals, please watch the video and contact me about working together with us to consider them for one of your openings. If there are other openings you’d like to discuss with me, I’m open to that as well. You can email me, angelo@centraljobs.com


Thank you for your time & have a great day!

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