This is a list of confidential candidates that bring experience and innovation to our industry.

I’m presenting excellent candidates with proven experience in packaging, adhesive, tape and film sales experience in this video.

Below is a list of candidates, and the location and the experience.

The video describes a few candidates, but the post below goes into more candidates.

If your company has a need in hiring one of these folks, or someone else in the industry, please contact me as soon as possible.

These candidates provide a lot of value, and I’m looking to place them with good companies that are growing.

Our services aren’t cheap, but they’re very high value and these candidates I present are proven & they will help a company grow their business now and in the future .

Serious inquiries only.


46653- Sales Manager in Chicago with over 20 years of experience in Adhesives, PSA, tapes. Well respected in the industry.

52965 – Bus Dev / Marketing – PSA Label Stock / Films / Tapes- 7 years- Ohio

26146 – Business Mgr. – Labels , Printing, Graphics / IDs / Films – Global sales- fortune 500 customers- Chicago

52901 – Applications & Technical Sales- Tapes & Adhesives for OEM Appliances- – Indianapolis

43011 – R&D Chemist / Mgr. – PSA Hot Melt Adhesives expert – 30 years – Ohio

14261 – Bus Dev. / Sales – specialty papers and films sales to label converters & printers & packaging brands 25 years. Ohio.

49705 – Sales – Flexible packaging and films & specially paper sales to converters and major packaging brands for 10 years. Milwaukee.

33562 – sales manager, or business manager in flexible packaging and film markets for 25 years. Fortune 500 brand customer experience entire career. Atlanta.

53046 – sales – flexible films need to be to Packaging, and labels, and industrial markets for 25 years total. Philadelphia.

These are just a few examples of the candidates. I’m working with in these industries. If you have a specific need in sales or marketing, please let me know as soon as possible so we can work together to help your company hire top talent and proven executives.


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