Angelo talks about a controversial topic: remote work


Remote work is still a controversial topic in manufacturing markets. Since the onset of Covid, global changes have happened to push people towards more remote work worldwide but, in 2023 we saw a major corporations ask the employees to come back to the office.


Packaging, Adhesive, Chemicals, and Specialty Materials manufacturing markets have embraced remote work up until this year when many major corporations are asking their employees to come back to work to the office full-time.


Employees aren’t always open to this but, I see it as necessary if the person is in a support role in a manufacturing facility.


Hybrid work, as opposed to remote work, is a common manufacturing trend that we’re seeing but we will keep track of this trend because it could change again as companies want their employees to learn from their leadership and tenured employees.


Being around leaders and managers and executives that have a long track record of professional growth is crucial to younger employees and their career development.

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