Today I discuss the “Shiny New Thing” syndrome I’m noticing when I speak to younger professionals that I’m attempting to recruit in the specialty niche manufacturing markets.

I’m finding out that, after doing this for 20+ years, these younger professionals don’t view some of these specialty niche manufacturing markets, as attractive or areas that they want to go into in their lives, and in the careers.

As I’ve served these adhesive and tapes and packaging materials, and polymer and plastics and silicones markets in my career, I’m seeing that there are less and less younger people that are moving into these markets.

It’s definitely not a knock on the younger professionals. I understand it and I respect that many of them want to try their hand in newer technologies, or some other new shiny tech industry or influencer, marketing or whatever is hot now.

Some of them are disillusioned from the COVID pandemic era, and this inflation time frame we’re going through and some of them just don’t see manufacturing as an industry.

They are attracted to right now. Whatever the case, I notice that there are fewer STEM and engineering and chemistry, and even sales and marketing professionals in these markets. While they’re still there, there aren’t as many. Yes, I understand.

These are giant general sweeping generalizations, but it’s a trend I noticed so I thought I’d discuss it. On the flipside, if you’re one of these younger professionals that I’m happy to help you and your lives in careers. Please contact me anytime as my contact information is in the video.


I hope you like it. Wishing you all the best in 2023.

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