A collaboration between Leann Devine and Angelo Giallombardo, explains the use of recruiting services and what they can do to help any business expand their team.


We all know the biggest purpose of owning a business is to create profits. Most companies want to grow to reach higher profits for themselves and their employees. For specialty niche manufacturing businesses, growing a business can be a major challenge that has some difficult “growing pains.”

One important aspect of a successful niche manufacturing business is that it builds strong relationships between company and customer. By providing excellent customer service, consistency, and high-quality products, a great level of trust can develop. To provide the above, there must be the proper amount of skill work that is applied. Skill comes from the employees, which many businesses lack enough of when they’re trying to grow. Some workers that are employed in over-worked, under-paid, short-staffed places may feel a lack of loyalty, distrust, and apathy towards the company and customers. Businesses don’t only build their success with a product or service. A business is built with their integrity, trust, and knowledge. That starts from within the company by investing in company training, career advancement, and skill development. This is a crucial step in helping employees take the next step to help the company grow.

Subsequently, some companies find themselves delving into the hiring process to endure growth and expansion but struggle with the process of hiring itself. It is understandable to see businesses struggle with their hiring, mainly because of the weigh-in of benefits versus risks. Whether it be to fill a new position, replace an employee who has left, to bring in new ideas or fresh talent, increase the productivity, or meet the demands of its customers, many businesses find themselves in the pain-staking hiring process. The hiring process takes time, energy, effort, and cohesion amongst the managers to find top talent. Not only can searching for employees be time-consuming and a full-time job by itself, but it can also be difficult for them to find the right culture fit for their internal teams.

Additionally, it costs both time and money to search for applicants, advertise the position, and conduct the interviews. It can also be very unpredictable because of lacking guarantee. The hiring process is a significant investment of effort, resources, and time, plus the risk of bringing in a new employee into the mix. However, it is necessary that businesses find the talent they need. Employees contribute to everything that operates a business. The productivity, quality, and innovation of the goods and services a business provides, relies on the employees that contribute.

It can be extremely costly to a company if they hire the wrong person. In this instance, the company goes through the hiring procedures, training the employee, and investing in their success. Consequently, if the employee doesn’t stay around long enough or have success in their role, then that investment into the employee is for nothing.

In addition, if the new employee doesn’t perform well, the company is looking at more costs for letting them go- which can include severance pay, unemployment benefits, and more resources for the replacement. It is crucial that employers take the hiring procedure very seriously while they carefully assess each characteristic and qualification an individual carries by investing more time.

Therefore, the most important part of the hiring process is hiring the most experienced person and the best culture fit for the business- whatever the position may be for- research and development, sales, engineering, etc. If a company fails to communicate internally amongst management to identify, beforehand, what the best possible experience and culture looks like as an ideal profile, then that business runs the risk of hiring or settling on the wrong employee.

While employees are critical to the success of a business, there are many helpful tools that they can utilize to get the right ones. Recruiters can be one of the best options for businesses that are looking to expand or fill their needs. Recruiters have a wide pool of candidates that they can access for particular “hard to find” roles or qualifications. Plus, recruiters typically have expertise and knowledge for their selected industry. They understand the job market and the qualities that a good candidate would have. Working with a recruiter gives a company savings on their time and resources. By handling the screening process and presenting only the ones that are promising, it gives the company more time and resources for their production or developments. Recruiters also provide a company with confidentiality. The company name is usually never revealed until a further point in the hiring process. This gives businesses the freedom from receiving unqualified individuals.

In retrospect, some employers choose not to use recruiters. They make that decision because of cost and lack of control. It can be costly for a company to use recruiting services, but typically it would never cost more than it does for a company to do itself. In addition to that, recruiters have a level of guarantee that they can provide- which a company performing the hiring itself, cannot offer. The lack of control can shy away businesses because they want to be more hands-on in the process itself, and is understandable, but recruiters have the knowledge for selecting the correct candidates, and some employers do not want to rely on that. The pros of using recruiter services outweigh the cons. Recruiters are experts in their industry and have the proper tools to provide a business with the perfect individuals for the positions they want to fill.

All in all, to stay ahead of growth and expansion, businesses must hire the right talent. Using recruiting services guarantees the company a great employee- giving them what they need to succeed in today’s growing markets.

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